Copper is not just a luxury; it’s a necessity. Our bodies depend on this vital metal for our own internal heat, neurological activity and effcient cell communication. The catalyst that helps create hemoglobin in our blood, copper also plays a crucial part in our metabolism. In fact, we can’t live without it: deficiency is a leading factor in high cholesterol and heart disease. Environmentally, copper is the friendly metal: it never goes bad and can be recycled over and over again. It is one of the few metals that can be used in its original form - and has the world’s highest recycling rate of any engineering metal. Copper also has miraculous healing properties as it defends against germs: its naturally biostatic power keeps bacteria growth at bay. By introducing copper into your residence you integrate more than just an essential material - so crucial to electrics, plumbing and architecture. Copper is key to health and wellbeing, helping to create a grounded, safe living environment and recognised for its aesthetic beauty.


In our modern world, globalisation stifles all sense of feeling and the mass produced becomes dissatisfying and mundane. Yet the world wants more, awakening once again to wonder at all that is authentic, specialised and crafted by human hand - the time-honoured tradition that creates a continuum to the riches of humanity’s ancestral past. We invite you to imagine how long one single Nash and Copper rug took to make; so many steps to undertake before it reaches its eventual owner. Every process on the way... each stitch around the border; the thoughts in the person’s mind as they weaved the rug... their emotions shift with the light as the day unfolds and they craft their masterpiece. Did the wind rise outside? Did rain softly fall on the rooftop? Each sound and sight impacts our body like a pulse, a song, a rhythm... this weaves its way into the warp and weft of your Nash and Copper rug... when we accept the rawness of its beauty we also embrace the sublime one-off individuality and humanity woven into every strand. In your space, your Nash and Copper rug will never look exactly the same from one day to the next. The interplay of natural and added light impacts how the rug comes alive in its environment... raising its vibration and bringing out its lustre, as it subtlety shifts to greater intensity, day to night. Meeting your Nash and Copper rug barefoot differs from walking across it in shoes… even your experience in heels vs. flats stands apart. Each detail comes alive as light shimmers and shifts: first the obvious, then the invisible details fade into view. The ever - evolving lightplay greets you, adding to the emotion your sacred living space ignites. A rug is part of our journey, bringing us its soul everyday, holding and nurturing moods and feelings. A Nash and Copper rug becomes an imprint of your thoughts, there to ground you in your home - safe, supportive, always present. The creation story makes each rug a natural, timeless work of art - born to come alive in the light of its new home, where its next custodians will imprint on it their own history.


Imagine the fique plant stretching its roots deep into the soil... reaching for the abundance of minerals for its growth, strength and life… its presence in the universal elements, each moment, day and night, part of the long journey to wisdom and growth. Feel this wondrous plant’s grandeur, strength and calm energy emanate from your Nash and Copper rug. The mighty fique plant stands as strong as a sentinel in the wind and rain, its fortifying roots growing deep and sturdy. Its fleshy, tropical leaves are hand harvested, crushed through a roller press to separate the fibres, then spun into miraculously strong strands to be individually dyed and spun into yarn - then woven into the Nash and Copper rug. Fique is a natural fibre that grows in the leaves of the fique plant, Furcraea Andina. The fique fibre preserves a powerful connection to the very life force of the soil that nourished it as a plant. Once woven, this refined raw looking fibre possesses its own tactile life force, grounding each rug, transforming it into a powerful, intuitive piece. Fique incarnates age, time, the nourishment of soil and the strength to withstand the vicissitudes of climate - integrating the natural world with our living environments, allowing our interiors to hold the energy of calm, strength and beauty. Our distinctively elegant Nash and Copper rugs powerfully combine the finest quality, shimmering copper with matte woven fique fibre, creating a unique effect that is aesthetically calming to the eye and elevates the mood of a space. Crushed fique leaves do more than anchor and ground your rug: they are traditionally prescribed for their healing, therapeutic power to decompress swelling; the roots are not only miraculously strong but once extracted, become a potent, astringent natural cleanser. The stem is sturdy enough to be employed in the construction of stairs, houses, even bridges. Fique’s well-developed root system spreads and grows deeply, making the species remarkable for its anti -erosive properties. Once the plant reaches 3 its life of fibre production can begin, its green and white flowers blooming to life for one time only. Fique fibre is perfectly in step with Nash and Copper’s passion and commitment to tread our precious earth gently, enriching devoted communities, celebrating their remarkable craftsmanship and culture, giving back to ensure that they thrive. The plant is biodegradable and sustainably harvested; the remaining juice and pulp is used as fertiliser. Nash and Copper rugs are ethically created, healthy to live with, therapeutic underfoot and aesthetically exquisite.


Nash and Copper pioneer the technique of intertwining and weaving copper with fique fibre yarn, taking the creative possibilities of rug construction and aesthetics to heights of unsurpassed opulence. All Nash and Copper rugs are patiently and meticulously hand woven by one craftsperson alone, in the cultural traditions of rural Colombia. The fibres are dyed into a range of 37 colours, to be later hand spun and woven in a traditional loom, where they may be interwoven with gleaming copper metal in a contrary direction. Nash and Copper rugs vary in their elemental makeup: they can be woven in 100% fique fibre, or combined in varying percentages of copper, bringing together the matte, organic appeal of fique with the shimmering sophistry of metal. The warp, in which the threads are aligned vertically, is considered the background; Nash and Copper always use fique fibres as the underlying material in each rug, pulled tightly on the loom to create the perfect foundation. The weft thread is woven horizontally, moving under and over the warp in an ancient dance of thread to thread to create the perfect durable and decorative weave. The fique fibre yarn can naturally vary in colour and thickness, and can be combined with other natural fibre colours for an entirely matte finish; creating a natural synergy between fique’s aliveness, earthy strength in your interior space. Or, the weave can feature different quantities of copper to bestow more or less lustre and brightness to the rug. What doesn’t change: patience, artisanal pride and passion are as much part of the weft and warp of each Nash and Copper rug as the local design materials. Your rug can reach a maximum size of 4.5 metres in width by 9 metres long. The collection encompasses 13 designs that are available in a range of 37 colours, with the potential to blend up to 3 colours in a single rug - with the option of combining copper thread. 100% Metal: Nash and Copper also showcase a few, exclusive design options that are made entirely out of copper - these rugs are truly exquisite with a mesmerising, light reflective effect. Custom Designs: Nash and Copper offer a custom service and can work collaboratively with architects and designers who wish to translate and contextualise the beauty of Nash and Copper Rugs with their own vision. This includes custom design colours on request; creative opportunities in the finishing of your Nash and Copper rug and your choice of border design based on the degree of copper and fique you prefer.


Nash and Copper rugs are so much more than sublime to look at and live with - they are profoundly therapeutic underfoot. The texture within the rugs pleasantly stimulates pressure points found on the soles of the feet that are directly linked to the entire body. Health benefits of therapeutic texture on your soles include: the ability to stimulate the central nervous system, increase energy, boost circulation and leave senses feeling calm and relaxed. The reflex points not only subtly impact your energy levels, they positively affect organ and gland function. Time spent on your Nash and Copper rug feels calming, soothing and effective. There are nearly 15,000 nerves in your feet alone, allowing this miraculous body region - already equipped to bear the burden of our weight - to profoundly affect our mood. Reflexology is as much art as science, mapping out how each pressure point corresponds to organs, glands, cells and functionality all over the body. The toes are linked to the head area; the top part of the ball of the foot is a natural line to your shoulder and neck, while the ball itself reflects the chest area; our arch mirrors the digestive organs; heels and ankles contain reflexes for the reproductive system; the inside curve of each foot corresponds to the actual curves of the spine. The sensory experience of your unique rug will become a ritual, a pleasure to behold and come in daily contact with. Nash and Copper searched for a crafted product that is ethically created, contributes to its owner’s sense of well being, feels invigorating underfoot and is exquisitely aesthetic. Living with a Nash and Copper rug grounds and supports the spirit of place, bringing warmth, texture and beauty that is as pleasurable to touch as it is to look at, in its ever changing brilliance. The cool of copper and the brush of fique underfoot is enlivening and life affirming - part of the sacred promise we make with each and every rug we create.


While traveling through South America, Jay Nash intuitively came across rugs that were made out of the fique fibre. “I was inspired by the feel and strength of this extraordinary fibre and it was at this time that the Nash and Copper collection was born. The manufacturer of our Nash and Copper rugs are like family to us: their kindness, honesty, unsurpassed creativity and quality constantly exceeds our expectations.” Nash and Copper is an exclusive agent and distributor of the Colombian fique and copper rugs in Australia and New Zealand. With Nash and Copper rugs, provenance is everything. “The physical beauty and artisanal richness of Colombia becomes the story of each rug, so we find it profoundly fulfilling to come full circle and give back.” Each purchase of a Nash and Copper rug is not only an investment in your living space, but a way to financially contribute to a rural, artistic culture worth preserving. The socio - economic conditions of fique harversters and farming families is directly and positively impacted by traditional, age-old production methods in Colombia where the traditions of forefathers and matriarchs continues to thrive. Your investment is a connection to the spirit of the land - a contribution to the beauty of your own immediate environment and that of our wondrous planet. Our handmade, consciously created rugs are precious - but not too precious to live with and walk on. Nash and Copper rugs embody human intuition and calm refinement. The meticulous process of weaving these rugs with such dedication and artistic master skills is entirely instinctive.


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